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grape-calyx black label cannabisGrape Calyx is a strain of high-grade indoor commercial cannabis from Calyx Garden in Humboldt County, California.

The breeding project that led to Grape Calyx (Grape Soda) began in 2012 when we popped a pack of Durban Poison seeds and crossed the males with a Master Kush (we called it Poison Master). The Master Kush we had was the Pure Hindu Kush, low elevation crossed with a high elevation Kush.

We then crossed our favorite batch of males from the Poison Master with SFV OG (Called that Poison OG). We then crossed the nicest Poison OG males with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (this hit the clubs by the name of Suicide Girl). We then crossed the Suicide Girl with the hard to find Purple Pineapple AKA Purple Champagne.

We selected our favorite of 50 females that expressed a wide array of phenotypes and the winner was seed mother number 23. We named it Grape Calyx. It had the most swollen of calyxes and a very high calyx to leaf ratio compared to all the others so we new it was special. It was also one of the frostiest of all of them and has purple calyxes. The purple calyx clusters exude a sweet and earthy smell of fermenting grapes.

Our potency testing at SC Labs passes the 25% THC mark and has an excellent terpene ratio that has tested as high as 3.46% total terpenes.

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